Success Stories

See our student’s work


Julia Adams

After taking silversmithing classes, Julia has put her designs on display at Rooted Apothecary in Crested Butte. She continues to take classes. You can see her work at Moonrise Designs!


Lois R.


Lois was an accountant for 30 years! After retiring, she signed up for my 5 day jewelry course and began her jewelry making journey. She set up her own little studio, purchased the tools from the list provided and went for it. These are her pieces! She continues to amaze me with her work.


Jana R.

Jana has a always wanted to learn to make her own jewelry, so she signed up for my 5 day course and crested her own little home studio! I’m so impressed by her work and look forward to seeing more of her pieces!


Amanda B. & Sarah H.

Like many of my students, Amanda and Sarah want to learn something new and just take classes for FUN! These two are about to take their 3rd class together!

Cab ring class .jpeg