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Do You Want To Learn Silversmithing🔥....But You Don't Know Where To Start?

Would you like to see what it takes to get started in silversmithing?

Do you wish you could learn silversmithing online from your own home?

Would you like to know exactly which tools you need and how you can get them inexpensively?

Have you wanted to take a class but don't know where or how?

Trying something new can be scary and expensive...

But it doesn't have to be!

🔥YOU'RE WORRIED YOU DON'T HAVE A STUDIO OR WORK SPACE Where will you make your jewelry?

🔥YOU FEAR YOU AREN'T CREATIVE ENOUGH What projects will you make and will anyone like them?

🔥YOU THINK YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME, THE MONEY, OR THE KNOWLEDGE TO GET STARTED You don't want to spend a lot of money on expensive tools, especially when you don't have the skills needed to succeed at silversmithing....and YouTube videos aren't cutting it!

🔥YOU WORRY THAT YOU MIGHT DO IT WRONG AND NOT HAVE ANYONE TO HELP YOU How will you get the guidance you need after you've purchased tools and supplies?

I was once where you are...wanting to learn silversmithing with no resources or a place to start It took me a long time to figure it out on my own and I don't want that to happen to you. I'll give you the place to start, the contacts, the resources, access to online training...and more importantly, access to me!

Because I have the perfect place for you to start....

Where you don't need a big studio...but can work in your very own kitchen if you need to!

Where you don't need tons of expensive tools to get started...they all fit in a small box!

Where you can ask questions and seek help...

Where you can meet other artists, jewelry makers and silversmiths and see their work...

I'm on a mission to help people just like you get started on their silversmithing journey with confidence and ease!

Here's My Story

All I wanted to do was be a silversmith

So I could add beautiful pendants to my beaded necklaces, but for some reason it wasn't as easy as just learning. 

My journey wasn't straightforward. It was a longer, more round about way that brought me to where I am now.

But, at the time, I wished I just had a way to learn that wasn't expensive and I could learn quickly and in my own house.

Finally, years later, I figured out a way to teach others how to learn silversmithing without expensive tools and in their very own kitchen! 

Meaghan Young


I'm Meaghan Young, and I graduated from the premier jewelry school in the U.S in 2006 as a goldsmith and jeweler. From there and over many years, I created 4 jewelry businesses, including The Crested Butte Jewelry School in beautiful Crested Butte, CO, as well as the exclusive group The Silversmithing Club🔥

I specifically designed a silversmithing course that anyone can learn with low tool costs from their own home, and have a place to connect with like minded people and ask questions from the! I've since taught over 100 students this exact class and all have LOVED it!

Several have gone on to take my Advanced Silversmithing Course and started selling their work. Almost all of my students had no experience. Some just take it for fun, not anticipating that people would want to buy their work. It's very exciting to see!

How would you like to make your own silver jewelry from your own home?

You can find out how to make this happen inside The Silversmithing Club🔥

See what some of the over 100 students I've already taught are making, some of whom have never been creative in their entire lives!

Where you can get resources, direction and encouragement. 

Where you can get access to amazing online courses and learn it all in one place without wasting time or money.

You can learn exactly what you need to become a silversmith...quickly, with low tool costs and without a studio, so that you can start making silver jewelry!

(You don’t have to have a Facebook account for access to the course or FREE trainings)

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So Come Join Us in...

🔥The Silversmithing Club🔥

For $1 you'll get 14 days of sneak peek access to this exclusive group of silversmithing students so you can see for yourself if our online course is right for you! See their work, learn about me, ask questions, and view the course offerings.

And for A LIMITED TIMEl, receive a FREE jewelry making training worth $97. 

You’ll also receive our school’s exclusive discount link to set up your own Rio Grande Jewelry Supply account for exclusive discounts on tools, supplies, and metals!

And if you decide it's not for you, simply let your trial expire, keep your Free link, and enjoy the training!

14 days for $1 (a $97 value)

Joining The Silversmithing Club Will Change Your Life!

Learn something new, maybe something you've ALWAYS wanted to do, in an exciting environment with tons of support, resources, contacts, online classes, free trainings and MORE.
I'll be there with you every step of the way...

Here are some of the 5⭐ course reviews:

"I am really loving the way you explain things and am so glad I signed up!"

"I've studied art for years, but never silversmithing and after Module 1 I feel prepared to start. I'm LOVING the format, thank you so much!

"I'm hooked 100%!"

"I'm so excited to be a part of this group"

"This was a very rewarding experience and I’m looking forward to taking more of Meaghan’s classes.”

"Meaghan shares the best techniques and I walked away with amazing, quality pieces. I truly feel that it's worth every penny and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in the techniques of silversmithing or learning a new art or hobby."

“I’m LOVING the course. My husband said he’s never seen me so happy!”

Watch This Video of me explaining The Intro Course…

I describe it in detail, including my money back guarantee!

If you want to jump right into lifetime access of 🔥The Intro To Silversmithing Course🔥 and get 6 FREE trainings and support in The Silversmithing Club, you can do so right here!

What’s included:

🔥The 5 week online course with an extra Bonus Module

🔥Downloadable and linked Tool List

🔥Info Packets

🔥5 FREE additional Jewelry Trainings released monthly, each worth $97.

🔥Endless Support, Money Back Guarantee, Community of Silversmiths

🔥Access to our Advanced Silversmithing Course

Total Value is $1200

Our Price $197!

(if you’re not sure, take advantage of the $1 trial above)