Our Vision

Artists of the future.


Welcome to The Crested Butte Jewelry School! I'm Meaghan Young and I'm thrilled to offer fun and engaging jewelry classes in downtown Crested Butte, a half block off of Elk Ave.... 

... in the heart of 1 of 21 Colorado Creative Districts, where culture and creativity thrive. 

I've been teaching for 5 years and offer classes to students with no experience to those who wish to build a business as an artist and designer. Our school is a safe and fun environment where students can express their creativity and learn skills to continue on their own.  

Some students go on to put their jewelry in boutiques or make their designs for friends and family. Others take classes simply to have fun and wear their projects home!

I'm available to give direction to students for tool purchase, creating their own brand, building websites, wholesaling, and more. 

As well as classes, I offer Destination Jewelry Courses and weekend workshops.

I am working to offer after school programs in the near future and I offer a scholarship fund for those who cannot afford to take classes. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions and take a look at our class descriptions here.

I so look forward to seeing you in class! Also visit me at Crested Butte Jewelry & Design.



Meaghan Young, Executive Director, Instructor, Goldsmith

2006 Graduate of The New Approach School for Jewelers. 

Owner of Crested Butte Jewelry & Design

School Location: 411 Third St, Crested Butte, CO